GCI Investors has merged with Brasada Capital Management.

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Our Purpose

To drive the change to an industry focused on making money for clients, not from them.

Our Mission

We invest, we don’t speculate.

We rationally allocate capital in a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies at attractive prices.

Who We Are

GCI Investors was founded on the principle that investing in high-quality companies at attractive prices is the best strategy to achieve long-run, risk-adjusted returns.

Our strategy represents a concentrated, fundamentals focused approach to investing. For us, everything comes back to making a genuine investment in a company. As such we take a business owners approach to understanding and analyzing companies. Our decisions are made as allocators of capital, not as traders of stocks. We continually search for the most attractive investment opportunities at any point in time, across all market caps and various investment styles.

We believe in making money for our clients by being rational investors, not speculators.  We understand that the market is there to serve us, not to guide us.