GCI Select Equity: Key Differentiators

Value & Growth Mix

Our investment process considers both value and growth stocks by focusing on the long-term, future free cash flows of the companies we invest in. For us, each investment we make is analyzed simply as a business.

All-Cap Universe

We invest in companies of all sizes, including mega-caps that satisfy our criteria for high quality businesses trading at attractive prices relative to their real intrinsic value.

Concentrated Portfolio

We actively manage a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 30 positions, enabling us to sufficiently diversify single stock risk, while remaining capital focused on the most attractive investment opportunities.

Proprietary Process

Real Intrinsic Value Recognition (RIVR) is our disciplined, repeatable, and proprietary process, built to evaluate businesses as long-term owners would.

Behavioral Advantage

We take a rational, long-term view, while the market continues to focus on the short term. We remain resolutely disciplined to our philosophy and strategy, rather than following the market.