GCI Investors Merger Announcement

GCI Investors Merger Announcement

Dear GCI Clients,

We are excited to share that GCI Investors will be merging with Brasada Capital Management, based in Houston. This merger marks a significant milestone, as we can now bring enhanced services and resources such as full financial planning and customized bond portfolios to you, all at no additional cost. We look forward to continuing our journey together.

Founded in 2008, Brasada Capital Management is a Houston-based firm known for its focused, fundamentals-based investment management approach, much like ours. Their dedicated team, comprising 12 seasoned professionals, manages an impressive $600 million in Assets Under Management (AUM). Their substantial scale adds depth and breadth to our partnership, introducing an array of valuable additional services.

Merger Background

As many of you know, the founder of GCI, Pas Sadhukhan, has not been in good health for some time. As a result, the firm decided collectively about a year ago to look for a merger partner.

The process of finding a suitable merger partner was not an easy one. Good investment firms – those which invest the right way and treat client money as their own – are quite rare. As a result, while searching for the right merger partner, our team considered over 100 potential firms across the US. We met with firm principals, looked at their track records, and studied their investment processes.

Guy and David were instrumental in this process and were joined by Neil, Pas’ son who had run GCI in past and re-engaged with GCI in the last year to oversee this process. The vast majority of firms we met along this journey simply did not meet the standards that you need and deserve. However, after a long search we found a firm that meets our high bar. Brasada is strong from an investment perspective, invests rigorously based on fundamentals as GCI does, and puts their clients first.

Remarkably, Brasada is in GCI’s backyard (at Greenway Plaza, close to our office) and surprisingly similar to us. Many of the stocks owned in GCI’s flagship portfolio are also owned by Brasada Focused Equity portfolio, and they historically custodied their client assets at TD Ameritrade (recently acquired by Schwab) like us. Performance has also been surprisingly similar as shown below.

Put simply, in Brasada we believe that we have found one of the top Registered Investment Advisors in Texas. GCI’s founder, Pas, plans to keep a significant portion of his own net worth with Brasada following the merger.

Going Forward

For now, there will be no significant changes from what you are used to. Your portfolios will be managed as they are, and the primary points of contact will remain Guy and David. Pas and Neil will be available to advise as needed. Over the coming months we will also introduce you to the Brasada team. While we will now operate under the Brasada Capital Management banner (with the GCI Investors name retiring), your accounts at Schwab will remain as they are.

This is a significant positive step for us as a firm and we are excited about the future. As always, should any of you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to answer them.

Yours Sincerely,
Guy Davis, David Shahrestani, Neil Sadhukhan, and Pas Sadhukhan

A word from Brasada Capital Management

We are excited to unite with GCI, a firm that mirrors our dedication to thoughtful, thesis-driven investing with the families we serve at the heart of every decision we make. Since Brasada’s inception in 2008, our clear aim has been to work with a team of skilled investors, producing in-house research to navigate our clients toward a life of financial well-being.

Joining forces with GCI is a natural fit, a blending of aligned philosophies. We commit to maintaining the core of what you’ve appreciated about GCI, enriched by our combined expertise, and broadened team. Welcome to Brasada and thank you deeply for entrusting us with your financial journey.

As we step into this exciting new chapter, we are honored to have you with us and look forward to building a future of continued financial success together.

With Gratitude,
Brasada Capital Management

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